Holy Hum - White Buzz (Official Music Video)

When my father passed away I showed up in the Republic of South Korea with his ashes to take to our family burial site where all of my ancestors are buried. This video captures some of the scenery I took in while I sat in transit, with a box full of my dads ashes looking out the window with the little seed in my heart that would later become this song.

The video was shot and edited by my good friend and collaborator Khan Lee. The footage is of The KTX 경부선 (Busan to Seoul) fast train. The continuous shot is from the second last station of the route: GwangMyeong Station(광명역) to Seoul station which just so happens to be the same length of the song 'White Buzz'.

Thank you friend for such a beautiful video. And thank you for watching and listening.



Andrew LeeComment