The Grove—A Spatial Narrative

September 19 2015

I've been working on this project since January of this year and I'm happy to see it realized finally at the Surrey Art Gallery.  Check out this short video I shot of the installation and go see the work if you are in the area.



The Grove—A Spatial Narrative

Andrew Lee, Carmen Papalia, Phinder Dulai

September 19 to December 13, 2015

This multi-channel soundscape and visual narrative explores the community uses of a transient forest that abuts the Newton bus loop and Newton Recreation Centre in Surrey. The Grove has witnessed the extremes of human activity, from illicit transactions and tragedies to community connections over Sunday afternoon lunches and art interventions by a group of Newton neighbours who call themselves, “Friends of the Grove”.  A handful of locals are reclaiming this public space and envisioning it as a site to engage passersby. Papalia, Dulai, and Lee delve into the multidimensional use of The Grove to tell its fascinating story through an immersive audio soundscape incorporating field recordings, spoken word, and musical elements. 

Presented as part of Open Sound 2015: Polyphonic Cartograph, a three-part exhibition featuring sound art as forms of mapping and counter-mapping.

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