FOUNTAIN: the source or origin of anything

March 27th 2014 12pm - 1pm

Holy Hum will be performing at the CBC Plaza on March 27th at 12pm at the opening of Laiwan's monolithic wall project FOUNTAIN: the source or origin of anything.  

Installed on March 18th, 2014 The WALL's current exhibit is by Vancouver based interdisciplinary artist, writer and educator Laiwan. The project is curated by independent curator and writer Joni Low with the support ofCentre A participating arts organization for the 2014 WALL installation.

From the curator:

“Chosen from the CBC’s analogue media archives, the image is a frame from the 16mm film Summer Afternoon (1956), which follows the adventures of two children near Keefer and Columbia Streets along the northern shores of False Creek – areas that have since been filled in as land. The openness of this moment – of easy access to water, sightlines to a distant shore, and reflection of boats floating beneath the Old Georgia Viaduct – mirrors a space of extended imagination, a fluidity of consciousness.

Laiwan has also created a parallel web project that extends the exploration of fluidity throughout the city, bringing together the oral and natural histories of nearby communities. This virtual public space, a communal archive, is open for all to contribute, to create a shared flow of ideas over time.”

Andrew LeeComment