Dirty Beaches // Holy Hum

November 2014

Alex and Andrew March 2014

My good friend Alex has released a new Dirty Beaches instrumental album called "Stateless" and it's streaming right now on Pitchfork

Back in March of this year Alex and I hung out and made some music together. The project is still on going so I have no idea when we will hear any of it but I will be heading over to Lisbon in November to hang out some more with him and hopefully make some more music together. 

I got to hear bits and pieces of this album when Alex was in town earlier this year and I was blown away then. Listening to it now, I am stunned at how well it captures a mood and a sense of space - or a lack thereof. Alex seems to be continuing with themes of displacement that he has explored on previous albums. I'm excited to get a copy of this in the mail.

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