We’ve got to fucking vote. All of us. Please.

I’m going to sound off on something that may pertain to some of us - mainly those who live in Canada.

I’d like to imagine that we are all voting on Oct. 19th.  But in case some of us aren’t following the current dialogue or if some of us are undecided - I’d like to make a case:

We’ve got to fucking vote.  All of us.  Please.

If we care about the air in our lungs, the water we drink, the right and freedom to express our cultures and religions, past atrocities and present relationships with our first nations people, funding for the arts, care for our veterans, the future of the CBC, future research into the causes and effects of global warming, global warming, the reproductive rights of women, murdered and missing first nations women that seem to be much less of a priority than having a woman wear a cultural or religious piece of clothing at a ceremony which is entirely a formality at that point anyways, if we care about how our country behaves in other parts of the world and what our lasting impression will be in other nations, or if one day you can be deported because you hold citizenship in another country and you make a statement of dissent like this one here, if you plan on having kids one day and would like to have universal child care, if you care about having your own voice heard instead of letting an older generation decide the future that you have to live and that they won’t - then we’ve all got to vote.

I love you guys and I am hoping for a better future with all of you.




Voter Information.
Look up the candidate in your riding.
Do you have the necessary id to vote?






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