Violence Against Women Has To Stop

Violence against women in any form is not ok. It's actually despicable and disgusting and I am embarrassed to be a part of a scene where this type of abuse is so prevalent. I'm not making a statement because I am squeaky clean. The world has ingrained in me and every other man - deeply fucked up prejudices towards women and this has to stop. 

If there was any confusion as to where I stand: 
If you think that subjugating women is ok - please do not listen to my music. 
If you think that rape culture does not exist - please do not listen to my music. 
If you are harbouring someone who is accused of rape - please do not listen to my music.
If you do not believe women who have experience sexualized violence - please do not listen to my music.

Half of all the proceeds from tonights event will be donated to WAVAW (Women Against Violence Against Women) which is an inspiring organization that my wife was involved with. 

WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre works to end all forms of violence against women.

You can donate to them directly as well here:

And learn more about the organization here: