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“The kind of music that I was doing, that my friends were doing, was not welcomed in the concert halls... but we had no problem playing in museums and galleries, so that’s where we went. And then we never really left them.”
-Philip Glass


Holy Hum is the musical project of multidisciplinary artist Andrew Lee.

Over the past 15 years, Andrew Lee has toured extensively across North America and Europe with In Medias Res (File Under: Music) and Siskiyou (Constellation Records). He has shared the stage with Kurt Vile, Julianna Barwick, David Bazan, Andy Shauf and many more and has performed at notable festivals such as All Tomorrow’s Parties, Primavera Sound, and Sled Island. He has also presented special artistic works at the Vancouver Art Gallery, The Centre for Performance Research in New York City and Kunstradio in Vienna. 


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holyhumstudio {at} gmail {dot} com


EU/UK | Steven Thomassen | Toutpartout Agency
e: steven@toutpartout.be

US/CAD | Tao-Ming Lau | Blue Crane Creative Agency
e: tao@bluecrane.live

JAPAN | Yuya Saito 斉藤 悠哉 | Moorworks
e: yuya@moorworks.com

US/CAD - Heavy Lark
e: jacqueline@heavylark.com


Selected discourse:

Selected press for All Of My Bodies the debut album by Holy Hum

"It’s a powerful listen... It’s heavy, expansive, and glimmering with Lee’s memories."
KEXP Seattle

"It is, quite simply, one of the best records of the year."
-Discorder Magazine

"The album verges on a modern masterpiece."
The Georgia Straight

"Holy Hum has presented listeners with one of the best albums of the year."
Korean Indie

"All of My Bodies is a drifting confluence of field recordings, musical improv, classical instrumentation, post-rock grandeur, and inspirations drawn from poetry, literature, the sci-fi synth sounds of the original Blade Runner, and sublime scores like that of 2001: A Space Odyssey’s."
Vancouver Weekly

"Where many such records can sink under the weight of their conceit, Lee has managed to sequence the album to flow from the intense, lengthy pain of the opening title track to stark Canadiana (Flower in the Snow), to quite abstract soundscapes such as Sun Breaking or Yoo Duk Lee."
The Vancouver Sun

8 out of 10 "Heavy Lark" features Bon Iver-esque vocals and a surprising Spanish guitar solo, while the 12-minute "White Buzz" climaxes with a jagged, chaotic guitar freakout followed by a wordless, howling vocal solo (yes, an actual vocal solo)."
Exclaim Magazine

"4 STARS" "as a whole it’s a masterfully crafted composition, but any track can be taken individually and appreciated in its own completeness."
Ride The Tempo

- Sound Drive Tribune Poland

Top 100 Albums of the Year #67
CiTR Radio 101.9FM

Top Played Albums of 2017 #71
CFUV 101.9 FM

Top 25 Favourite Releases of 2017
Grayowl Point

Best of 2017 #6
Sofar Sounds

Song of The Year #3
The Vancouver Mixtape

Interviews and Features

"While other interviews might start with some lengthly preamble in this case the penman is going to cut straight to the chase: the Holy Hum sound is mesmerizingly beautiful. There is so much depth to the layers that swirl around, at times blissful and uplifting, at other instances moody and starless. The compositions move and progress but in such a gradual and gentle fashion it’s like watching somebody paint a picture with sounds. Whatever you’re doing, stop and take a moment to plug into Holy Hum right now." - AWEH

"Whether he's fronting postrock unit In Medias Res or crafting ambient soundscapes as Holy Hum, Andrew Lee is a seasoned talent with a pristine vision." - The Georgia Straight

"Trading the formlessness of Holy Hum’s previous work for the structure and formulae of artists like TV on the Radio and Talk Talk, White Buzz is an aching meditation on intimacy, vulnerability, and loss." - Discorder Magazine

"Holy Hum is the art of catharsis, the sound of creative freedom and great music to feel to." - Westender Magazine

"In 2015 alone, he's been prolific: First, he unveiled "Appendix C" in January, exhibiting Lee's penchant for warm, washed-out instrumental fare. Next up, he dropped a 7-inch earlier this week via B.C. imprint Kingfisher Bluez, which showed the elasticity of Holy Hum's sound - dabbling with vocals, scraps of electric guitar, and gorgeous synth drones, Lee's soundscapes are both serene and haunting." - AUX 

"I think of Holy Hum as an art project rather than a band." - Korean Indie

"For Lee, Holy Hum isn't just a project, but a new start, free from the comparisons and pressures of the past.  Instead of playing in clubs - spaces Lee dislikes - he is free to play in galleries, public exhibitions, and spaces where he feels his music belongs." - Lotus Land Magazine


Music Review

"To capture such a dazzling array of emotions in a singular piece is no small feat. If you're ready for divine awakening through the art of ambient drone music, consider Appendix C a journey through the centre of the universe." ⋆⋆⋆⋆  - Westender Magazine

"... the best way to enjoy it is with a pair of headphones while simply lying back and blissing out." - The Straight


Performance Review

"Sound and visual artist Andrew Lee also distilled his music, reducing Holy Hum to a solo act at the Fox. Nevertheless, he managed to attain subsuming grandeur. With one hand, he raised tides of electronic ambience and cued tundral bass notes. With the other, he rang out distorted noise from his guitar, plucking and bending his strings and jerking his hand up and down the neck. At one point, he completely abandoned his guitar in favour of the keys and knobs on his various consoles and modulated the resultant sounds via an array of pedals. Ironically, the absence of a backing band made Lee’s performance a more powerful experience: the sonic and physical expressions were all him. Even such grand music seemed intimate – personal – as his body shook while he dissected his guitar.

Lee prefers performing in public spaces and art galleries, but he brought his multimedia sensibility to the Fox too. Video projections of time-lapsed freeways, views of Earth from outer space, and undulating tides enlivened his soundscapes. He strives to simultaneously evoke emotions ranging from happiness to sadness – a bittersweet mix – and he achieved just that by coupling ambience-backed images of a lonely, far-off planet with an up-close view of him sharing pieces of himself." -Vancouver Weekly

"Using a variety of slides and steel tubes to evoke long, symphonic chords or arpeggio melodies, it was impossible for the crowd to keep their eyes off Lee’s demure showmanship and intense, intimate focus." -Discorder Magazine

"One of the biggest surprises of the festival was Holy Hum, the new project from Andrew Lee (also of In Medias Res and Siskiyou). They delivered explosive emotional release with shades of shamanic existentialism in their droney experimental prog rock, richly layered care of a live drummer and three dudes on keys, synths, etc. (think Godspeed You! Black Emperor! Radiohead, Timber Timbre). Lee was clearly the messiah of this outfit, showcasing how powerfully emotive voice and smouldering guitar work. You believe this man when he testifies." - Exclaim 



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