Holy Hum - International Symposium On Electronic Art



by Khan Lee / Holy Hum


at ALSCO textile service building : 5 West 4th Avenue Vancouver BC (Alley entrance)

4 days only : Aug 15-18 1:00Pm- 5:00:00 except Monday(reception)


Reception : August 17 7:00-10:00


Please join us for the reception of an installation by Khan Lee and Holy Hum at the fur vault of Alsco textile building as a part of International Symposium on Electronic Arts(ISEA)


This mysterious fur vault of a commercial laundry facility has not been used for a very long period of time and never been open to public, but has been kept as is since the last day of its service. With support of Alsco textile service, One Twenty Three West, Steel Toad Brewery, and ISEA2015, The space was transformed into an intimate audio visual installation by Khan Lee in collaboration with  a multi channel original sound track  by Holly Hum.

 Using simple interactive analog light control circuits with site specific multi channel musical composition by Holy Hum(Andrew Lee), this installation celebrates moments from the past with voices of many current local musicians  in the key of out of service but still operational dry cleaning machine. This could be the very last chance to witness this space in its own form.

HOLY HUM - Mellotron Doom (Vancouver Planetarium 2015-06-26)

WAVES & FLICKERS is a one evening live event within the Planetarium presenting collaborations between local contemporary artists and musicians. 

Featuring live sets by Hello Blue Roses, Holy Hum and The Red Hot Icicles Burning on Fire and projections by Jen Weih, Khan Lee and Steven Hubert, the site of the Planetarium will be taken up as a space for visual experimentation, star gazing and immersive listening. 

This is a licensed event. No minors. 

Doors @8pm - show starts @9pm

Presented by Erin Blank and Elizabeth Milton

sponsored by CITR

Tickets $20 Red Cat Records , ZuluRecords Store & Eventbrite



Holy Hum (Andrew Lee) - A Thousand Plateaus

Perpetual Gong Machine of Peace

A sound performance by Andrew Lee
Perpetual Gong Machine of Peace

April 28, 2016, 8pm
Centre A, 229 East Georgia St., Chinatown, Unceded Coast Salish Territories

Using Patrick Cruz's Bulaklak ng Paraiso (Flower of Paradise) as a departure point, Andrew Lee deploys multiple cymbals and gongs wired in an automated system to generate a meditative and temporal sonic landscape. Akin to Cruz's installation, Lee’s auditory and performative intervention materially echoes the symbolic decay and permanence inherent in Cruz’s work. Perpetual Gong Machine of Peace possesses neither a beginning nor an end; instead, it attempts to communicate the interstitial space of constancy and impermanence.

ANDREW LEE is a Vancouver­ based artist. His installations, sound compositions, music and photography have been exhibited in Vancouver, Malmo and New York. In 2010 he was a part of the exhibition First Nations/Second Nature at the Audain Gallery and in 2011 was asked by artist group Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries to compose a sound piece that would exhibit formally the characteristics of seeing. In 2012, Lee was invited by the Vancouver Art Gallery to perform new work responding to the monochromatic paintings and photographs of Ian Wallace. Andrew has performed and presented sound works at The Centre for Performance Research in New York (2012), Kunstradio in Vienna (2013), The Vancouver Planetarium (2015), The International Symposium On Electronic Art (2015) and, most recently, a sound installation at Surrey Art Gallery (2015).

Holy Hum - Appendix A

Footage was shot by Andrew Lee
Edited by Ryan Flowers and Lisa Pham (Shakey Films)
©Heavy Lark 2015

Holy Hum - Appendix C (live)

Holy Hum - Khatsahlano Music Festival

Holy Hum // CBC Plaza Vancouver // 2014.03.27

My friend Joni who curated The Wall space at the CBC in Vancouver asked me to perform
music in response to the work of artist Laiwan.  Her large scale work "FOUNTAIN: the source or origin of anything"  will be up on the corner of Hamilton and Georgia for an entire year.  

Everyone got free coffee and a lot of older people were into our music at the show.  

Holy Hum // The Surrey Art Gallery // March 14th 2014

Holy Hum - Appendix B

Video directed, shot and edited by Ryan Gordon Flowers (Shakey Films)
©Heavy Lark 2015

Rhythm Section

xoly xum

Cymbal Ambiance.

IMR - Brooklyn, NY: Centre for Performance Research March 20 2012

Centre For Performance Research 
Special live film score performance to the work of artist Steve Cossman.

Performed by Andrew Lee, Ash Poon, Ryan Flowers, Rob Tornroos, Lindsey Hampton


Holy Hum // April 16 2014 // Vancouver Canada

After the moon comes the sun and again the moon: experimental music for electric guitar, bass, and drums.

Teufelsberg in Berlin, Germany

Holy Hum - Spinning Tube at The Unknown Anacortes, WA

Recording at McGill University Montreal